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Ehem ehem ehem .. Hye .. my dearest blogger .. I'm back to continue my new entry .. this time my entry also very very hot because i want to share & write about k-pop couple & very sweeties is Yongshin couple .. Meaning Yongshin is Yonghwa ♥ Shin hye.. ngee :D .. If you guys don't know the both of them .. please watch on their film "Heartstring" .. oke , honestly , i really really like that couple so much because their also have same fallen in love to each other & have same face ♥ .. hehe :)

However , their not telling in that true status to public & also their fan in the world .. I think that "dooley couple" is have many secret relationship without announcement to media .. If reporter ask this couple , their still hiding about status relationship .. Do you want to know that couple answer " WE ARE JUST FRIEND " .. whereas of them true couple into outside .. HAHA .. So sweet ♥ :D

Confession between Park Shin Hye & Jung Yong Hwa without media ♥ ♥
 ( It was real life between Yongshin ) ^^,
Shin Hye's POV

Yong Hwa, my dear friend, and I went to watch some flicks like how a friendly date should be. Jung Shin-ah did not join because he was suffering from migraines and had to go to the dorm after practices. Min Hyuk-ah was preparing for his cousin's birthday, so he had to go after practices. I don't know where Jong Hyun-oppa is, so that leaves me hanging out with Yong Hwa-ya instead. I miss hanging out with him a lot. Since our last shooting day for "NNB", we parted ways and we got totally busy. We had so much fun in the set that I missed it a lot. I am still busy today, but it was good that for three straight days, I have some time. Come Monday, I will be busy filming CFs, doing more projects, and getting busy at school.

Speaking of Jong Hyun-oppa, he was walking along with a girl, which he introduced to me. I figure out, the girl was around the same age as me. Well, I could see Jong Hyun-oppa really likes the girl. Anyway, both of them are gonna watch the movie with us, so it is gonna be a double date. Yehey!

In the movie house, we got separated, as there are seats that are unoccupied. Good thing, I got to be with my friend. Jong Hyun and Joo Na sat on the other seats. The movie was about a ninja girl who traveled to America to find her long-lost aunt. The movie was very brutal but very hilarious. I could not stop from laughing my stomach out. I could say my stomach hurts a lot.

I had been eyeing on the ninja girl's bestfriend, a geek guy who had been totally in love with her. A bittersweet scene came which moved me to tears. The geek guy was wounded and instructed his friend to leave him alone and go after the syndicate. The rain was pouring hard, and the geek guy's hair was pasted on his face. The girl refused to leave, and in that part, the two had a talk which is as long as a ten-page script (kidding). The guy professed his love, but the girl did not love him the same way. It was just so sad that it made me cry. Yong Hwa noticed me wiping my eyes that he held my hand.

"Gwaenchanha?" he crooned.

I've never heard him speak that way to me, except in Lee Shin mode or Kang Shin Woo mode. I shook my head and cried on his shoulder.

"Yong Hwa-ya, it's so sad..." I cried.

I am not a sucker of tear-jerker movies, but in my own series, I never failed to cry.

"So now you realized how Kang Shin Woo felt for Go Mi Nam?" he teased me.

I looked up to him with a smile. "Babo. Lee Shin Babo," I chided him playfully.

He smiled at me and allowed me to let my head rest on his shoulder. I hope no netizens see this. Or else, haters are gonna pull my hair.

"Gomawo," I whispered to him.

He ruffled my hair, and I felt like being Go Mi Nam over again, with my Shin Woo-hyung at my side. It feels so nice to be near him, coz Yong Hwa is actually nice, even if he is a naughty guy.

After the movie, the four of us met outside the movie house. Jong Hyun-oppa and Joo Na-ssi are going somewhere, while Yong Hwa and I decided to hang out in the amusement park.

"Haha, Go Mi Nam and Shin Woo-hyung went to the park at night, while here we are in the afternoon," I reminded Yong Hwa.

"Geurae. I could not forget that night. It was extremely cold, and the milk they gave us at break time was beginning to get cold too," Yong Hwa told me.

"I miss the days," I sighed.

"Ye, me too," he also sighed.

The two of us were strolling around the park. Of course, we hid in disguises too, which is a must for popular stars like us. At dinner time, we ate in a restaurant specializing in pasta. Oh, how I love pasta.

When the day was over, Yong Hwa asked if he could accompany me to my dorm, and I allowed him to. What are friends for? When we got there, he held my hand and kissed it.

"Omo, Jung Yong Hwa has transformed to Mr. Romantic," I teased him.

He smiled at me and pulled me to a tight embrace.

"I miss you a lot, Shin Hye-ya," he told me.

It was odd, because if guys miss their girl friends, they would normally just talk, not pull each other into tight embraces (unless of course, the guys are closet gays). I could feel him kissing my hair.

"Yong Hwa-ya, ige mwoya (what is this)? I asked him in soft confusion.

He let go of his hug at me and looked at me. I could see the warmth on his eyes, they seem to be telling me something which I never expect to hear from a close friend.

"I like you," he said.

My heart melted when he said that. I could feel my bones getting weaker and weaker by the minute.

"Geurae?" I asked him softly, though I hear myself saying it like I was flirting with him.

I took my gaze away from him, flipped my hair coyly and bit my lower lip. What? Am I flirting with Yong Hwa?

"I'm..flattered," I admitted.

He smiled at me and bent down to my face. I shut my eyes, thinking that he is gonna kiss me for real. But instead, he kissed my cheeks. After the kiss, I opened my eyes and looked at him, breathless. Gosh, he looks so delicious. If only I can eat him alive...

"I...I...," I started. But it seems like my heart is at the tip of my tongue.

I looked at him, and met his eager eyes. "Yes?"

"I...I like you too," I admitted to him.

Yong Hwa smiled at me and hugged me tight. How happy he was to know that I liked him too. So, all these time, I realized that I really, really like him. Maybe it was just out of friendly gesture that I am kind to him (because everyone says I am friendly) that I gave my favorite lime-flavored lollipop to him during the Myeong-dong scene in "Minami Shineyo". And how could I ever forget the pink roses he gave me at Baeksang? I saw him enter the venue without flowers. And of all people, why only me? And of all people, why was he handing me roses? It is just so sweet.... My feelings for him just grew positively.

I can say, yes, Lee Shin and Lee Gyu Won became the "it" couple, and this time, Kang Shin Woo won Go Mi Nam--er--Nyu's heart. For real. The Dooley couple has it for real.

Yong Hwa released me from my hug, and we looked at each other.

"Will you be my girl?" he asked me.

I blushed and nodded happily. He bent down to my face again, and I closed my eyes slowly, relishing the touch of his soft lips to my lips. Even in "NNB", Yong Hwa was such a good kisser. He tasted so delicious as before. And this time, his kiss was even sweeter, because there are no cameras taking us shots. If I could spend the rest of my whole life kissing him, then I would definitely like it. I just hope no haters will see us.

Oh, even if haters will see us, I will still continue kissing Yong Hwa.

Well, after the kiss, he smiled and winked at me. His eyes are really endearing and adorable. No wonder girls fall for him. But I am the luckiest girl.

"Good night, Shin Hye-ya," he told me.

"Good night, Oppa," I told him.

We hugged each other for the last time that time that night before I went inside my dorm. Many lovely things are sure to come for the next days.

End of Shin Hye's POV


Yong Hwa's POV

I finally did it!

My friend Shin Hye and I went to the movies, to the park, and ate outside. I really waited for nightfall to come so I can confess my feelings to her.

I accompanied her to her dorm, and there, my feelings flooded. I had indeed fallen in love with my best friend. Maybe she had remembered my song "Lucky." Indeed, I am sure I have fallen for her. I guess it started in "Minami Shineyo"? I don't know, but eversince that day we became friends, she was special to me. I do not have a lot of showbiz friends, and she was among my few friends. I am so lucky to have her indeed.

When they offered me the role of Lee Shin, I was hesitant even if I know she will be playing as the lead girl. I was busy for our CN Blue comeback, but I really made it a point to accept the role. And I did not regret it. I was with her again. With the ending of the series, I was sad that I maybe it will take a long time before we could see each other again. Good thing, we have time to see each other. We both are busy but our paths literally cross. Maybe, Jong Hyun-ah is not my soulmate at all (har har har....). Maybe, Shin Hye is my soulmate.

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend....

As I lay down here on my bed, I touched my lips and could not forget the soft lips I kissed earlier tonight. The lips that belong to my girl, Park Shin Hye.

Her beauty reminds me of the pink roses I gave to her at Baeksang. And I would never tell you where I got those.

Saranghae, Shin Hye....

End of Yong Hwa's POV

Oke , to fan Yongshin Couple please respect on their realationship & support career also ♥ .. heee ;) If you guys do not believe on  me , you guys can see that many photo "dooley couple" it was real.. weee  ^_^

Spot the difference! The first photo was really part the scene(ON CAM) while the second photo is really not part of the scene(OFF CAM).
So sweet our Prince! Hugging tight your Princess, hold her hands like you are her owner and side seeing to the stars.. hehe ♥ ♥ ♥

     [OFF CAM]
            Why is yonghwa holding shin hye's hand when in fact there should be none on that scene???
          They can hold hands anytime they want.. Nothing to explain because the BTS says it all! ♥ ♥ ♥

    [OFF CAM]
              Is that your habit Yonghwa? ALWAYS HOLD HER HANDS!
It’s looks too hard for both of them to release from each other .. it seems like they want to continue to holding each other forever ... I can feel their feeling .. ‘ it’s very difficult to see the one we love to leave ’.. 
      Even SimSimi knows our COUPLE! weee ~~
*SimSimi is a popular artificial intelligence conversation program that was created in 2002 by ISMaker.
An application. The little chicken who you can talk to whatever you ask, he can answer. SimSimi is now popular. You just ask him then he will immediately answer back.



The photo of Yonghwa took on their ear fun fan signing event April 7, 2012!




Oke .. this time Yongseo couple .. I just can write that couple through a movie " We got Married " .. Meaning Yongseo is Yonghwa & Seohyun SNSD.. haha .. Honestly , i can't accept their couple because their also fake relationship into outside & real couple on the script & movie " we got married "only .. haha ;D

Oke , i upload their photo Yongseo couple .. Can you imagine this all fake relationship .. haha :) Sorry to fan Yongseo couple , i'm just telling in that true .. 
  #PEACE#  ^_^V



     ♥   Sweet Potato couple  ♥

Oke , you guys can give an opinion over all this couple in my entry .. kekeke .. Yongshin is better than Yongseo .. am i right ?? heee :) ♥ ♥

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16 orang nak tahu RAHSIA Qis:

secret Ash said...

Alah.. Kita minat dua2la.. Tak tahu mana satu yg lagi better.. Takleh nak buat kptusan... Camne nie? Hihi..

Florist said...

seriously yongshin???? xpernah dengar pun tp xpelah la klu btul lg bgus :P

awak,kita ter'tag' nama awak kat blog...sorry tau,sengaja :P

awesome la you :D

IFA Athirah said...

saya suke lee teuk dgn sora!!comeey gak!

Iera balqis said...

@secret Ash hahaha :D

Iera balqis said...

@Florist haha..tq dear ;p

Iera balqis said...

@IFA Athirah owh yke ?? xpena dgr plak leeteuk dgn sora..tapi dalam tajuk nie xde kena mengena dgn couple leeteuk n sora la dear..hehe..pape pon kte support jela artis k-pop yg da couple tu ke wedding dress..haha :D

Ryanne Salve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryanne Salve said...

By the way, the YongShin story with the movie scene is from miss-hitomi's fanfiction, chapter 9 of "You're One Of A Kind" in www.asianfanfics.com... It was supposed to be a Lee Jong Hyun fic, with YongShin as background. She would not be writing a Dooley couple fic if she were not a fan.

ANd as for me, I am a certified YongShin couple fan!

qylalot said...

Betul ke ni? *gosok mata*

tasya ain said...

suke gile yongshin couple . mmg hrp dorang br2 brsme forever.. yongshin hwaiting !!!

Anonymous said...

jangan la bash Yongseo .... maybe awk blom tgk 51epsd WGM Yongseo ... cube tgk then you can see the differences(^_^)

P/S : I'm a goguma and will protect both of them. Mesti awk pun x suke kalu someone bash Yongshin jugak kan .... peace & assalamualaikum.

Nurul Hazirah said...

@Hyun Aea'a jgnla kutuk yongseo.....kesian diorg...lagipun yongseo lagi best dari yongshin...jgn mrh

farah diyana farid said...

lg ske yongseo couple..wlupn relationship dyorng fake,hnye dlm tv show,tp lg sweet..klu yongshin couple,dyorng cm kwn je..xbpe mint klu tngok dyorng btl2 cple..klu just dlm movie xpe..

Vernienie Pie Garao said...


Windy Dewi said...

Yongshin always forever!!!! Hwaiting

Nisha Sofia said...

While reading I imagined Yong hear and shin hey and it was awesome...YongShin Fighting����

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